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As a company that works in different countries with differing cultures, rules and laws, having set sustainable goals can be challenging. However, when you truly care for the communities and cultures you work with, sustainability becomes easier, especially if you’re able to help educate those around you.

We are constantly and actively seeking to minimise our global footprint, both by working closely with our partners and suppliers to minimise our impact, but also by working with local resources where we can.

Helping to educate local employees and customers with new innovative solutions and taking a more hands on approach allows us to provide local customers, not only with some of the worlds leading beauty brands, but also minimise counterfeit issues that can be damaging both to the environment and to our customers and partners.

From 2022, we will be implementing a key strategy working closely with our partners, customers and Governments in order to educate and tackle these key issues and ensure we provide a positive impact on our environment.