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  1. Integrity

    Integrity is embedded into our DNA. It is this core value that stands us apart and has done so since the start. Our honesty and integrity has helped shape our business over the many years.

  2. Innovation

    Being innovative is essential if you want to continue to grow and succeed with anything in life. Our innovative approach keeps us one step ahead and allows us to provide exemplary products and services.

  3. Creativity

    As our World constantly evolves and changes, the necessity to become more creative is more important than ever. We embrace the challenges these create and it emboldens us to be more authentic.

  4. Sustainability

    Our ambition to providing a better world, a better society, a better way of life, a more sustainable way of life for the next generations is one of our key values and helps us to keep growing.

  5. Passion

    Passion should be the staple of any business. Without it, one is destined to fail. Everything we do, is done with passion. Passion of our work. Passion for the people we work with. Passion for the work we do. Passion for the cultures and communities we work in.

At AMH we believe diversity and gender equality should be fundamental in any business, and empowering women is core to this.

We understand that in some of the areas we work in, this can be challenging, especially when these challenges are a result of cultural constraints. However, through education and by providing women with the tools needed for success, we are absolutely committed to the development of women.

We want to actively engage in not only the promotion of women in the workplace, but also play an active role in their development and how they are perceived within the community. We want to change the perception of the roles of women within some cultures and provide access to programs that can help educate women and redefine their roles in society and provide opportunities within our group.

To fulfil promises is the highest form of integrity Imam Ali